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Grown In the tropical climates of South Asia, our fruit juice is made with no artificial additives of any kind.
Vine-ripened fruits blended perfectly with Lightly Carbonated Spring Water and Premium Vodka… Nothing Else.

This is Bali Water. In a sea of sameness we strive to help you escape the everyday hustle. Inspired by the tropical waters of Bali we openly invite you to take a sip, then a trip to your very own paradise.

Current line-up

Bali Water

4g Natural Sugars | 120 Calories | 5% Alc./Vol | 355 ML

Bali Water Vodka Beverages – a brand new three-ingredient ready-to-drink cocktail in a can containing no added sugar or artificial ingredients. Our founders travelled Southeast Asia in a search for the best possible fresh juices they could source. Within the lush jungle landscape of Bali our unique flavor was found. Working exclusively with suppliers in the region, we’ve blended pure vodka, lightly carbonated spring water, and vine-ripened tropical fruit juices to create Bali Water – Nothing else.



Imagine crashing waves and soft warm air,
surfing on moonbeams salt in your hair,
and perfect drinks on beaches so rare.

Welcome to BALI.

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