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Founded by Raymond Mingot in 1964, the Mingot family winery has been passed down from father to son, and today is led into the third generation by Julien Mingot.
The 22 hectares of vines produce high quality fruit with a potential for aromatically complex wines. These wines are organically grown, wild-fermeneted, with minimal sulpher added (<50mg/l)

Current line-up


Bordeaux Superieur

Pur Merlot and Pur Franc is what’s known in French as a “vin nature” – a natural wine. Sulfites are added only in very small quantities during production, resulting in a finished product with limited sulfite levels. The develop- ment of a natural method of production in the winery is a continuation of the Mingot family’s work philosophy in the vineyard. Following careful selection of the best and healthiest parcels, the hand-selected fruit is wild-fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks, followed by a short ageing period in concrete vats to conserve the aromatic character of the wine. Throughout the entire vinification and ageing process, sul- fites are added in minimal quantities, resulting in a vibrant and rich wine.
Free Sulfur: 3 - 5mg/l Total Sulfur: <12mg/l

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