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For centuries, not everyone lived near vineyards or had to go far to enjoy a sensational craft. People made wine in their home cellar and shared with their neighbours to celebrate the true poetry in the bottle over flames of candles and flavours of delectable bites. This ancient legacy shapes our vision for inception of a new concept: a winery at the heart of the city sharing a sensational craft.


We travelled the globe and harvested many vintages in pursuit of excellence. Research and innovation, an uncompromising view to quality and offering best in category to our clients are at the forefront of our values. 


Following our first vintage in 2012, we established our cellar and lounge near downtown Vancouver. With a family deep rooted in culture and hospitality and a professional tea well versed in connecting with every guest at a personal level, City Side Winery became on of the most popular destinations in Canada’s West Coast growing wine culture and an urban oasis for wine lovers connecting with wine in a manner that broke away from its elite reputation. 

Find your favourite wines on the shelves of your neighbourhood wine stores or let us deliver to you. We relocated our cellar recently to continue to delight you with our most creative approaches to crafting wines that contain your taste in every bottle.  

Current line-up

Homan started his career in Germany with a “Hospitality and Hotel Management” degree followed by a “Sommelier” certificate. He trained in the spectacular valleys of Mosel and Baden-Baden and worked for Novotel, Relais & Chateaux, Seaside Hotels, Best Western Group and Jacques Wein Depot.


Working along one of the world-famous Masters of Wine, Markus Del Monego, introduced Homan to new horizons in the art of winemaking. In early 2000, Homan moved to UK to experience the most competitive wine market in the world and pursue a degree in “Viticulture and Oenology” while working for Claridges Hotel, Odd Bins and Unwins.


From opulent British lounges and luxury German hotels to business management and vintage work in world-class wineries in UK, Greece, Germany, Canada and USA, Homan’s international experiences shaped his vision and defined a meticulous framework for his style of winemaking. 


In 2007, Homan moved to Canada and settled in Okanagan Valley where he crafted several award-winning wines amongst which are winners of Canadian Wine Championship Awards and the prestigious Lieutenant Governor’s award for Excellence in BC Wine. 


In 2015, Homan opened City Side Winery in Vancouver, where he followed his dream of offering outstanding hospitality and making signature wines. In 2021, City Side Winery moved to its current location. With the motto of “Find Your Taste in Every Bottle,” City Side Winery’s goal is crafting wines enjoyed by all wine lovers. 

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