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We uphold Transylvanian viticulture traditions and value the region’s potential with our unique wines, made from hand harvested grapes, which are then processed with the same care and attention until full maturity, under the scrutiny and watchful eyes of the iconic bats that circle above the hills, protecting our vineyard. 

Liliac has revitalised the Lechinta wine region, whilst respecting the traditions of Transylvanian winemakers; a history that has roots with the vines first planted by the Roman Empire and continued by German colonists, who cultivated the first vineyards at the foot of the Carpathians.

In each bottle of Liliac you will find a dedication to quality, attention to detail, and a spiritual connection to the soil and the Transylvanian climate, decanted by Austrian experience and innovative winemaking techniques.

Using modern techniques, our oenologists reveal the essence of local grapes, grown under the gentle Transylvania sun and hand harvested from our 52 hectares of vineyards.

Our winemaking process takes place under optimal conditions producing white, rose and red varieties of the highest quality, which will attract you with their fresh, fragrant and elegant aromas.

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