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The Asian culture has long been ignored when it comes to the beer industry. We have taken it upon ourselves to make sure that we represent the great Asia in the finest beers around the world. This is why our slogan “Beer with an Asian Twist” perfectly sums up our philosophy and presents it to the world in the best way possible. However, since this is no easy task, our aim is to gradually adopt this approach and make it better along the way.

What’s Behind the Name? 

But what does the name “Three Kingdoms” have to do with our unique philosophy of adding cultural diversity to our taste. The Three Kingdoms refers to an era of war in Chinese history that lasted about a century. But it is not the blood shed that appeals to us, but the immense innovation and improvement that this period carried. Not only were there huge developments in war machinery but also in technology being used by civilians, such as the hydraulic systems or chain pumps. 

That is what Three Kingdoms Beer Co. stands for, the immense improvement and innovation in the field of Beer manufacturers. 

What is So Unique? 

No matter how great the philosophy, it means nothing if it does not translate to the products we deal in and the product we do deal in is beer. The uniqueness is that our products, in line with our philosophy and slogans, we offer Asian infused craft beer. This is not a very common product in the market for beers around the world. 

Who Are We? What Do We Offer? 

But who are we to claim this innovation and take charge of the improvement in the world of beer? Who are we to lead this industry? We are simply craft beer lovers and we take our tastes and quality as serious as any beer lover would. 

This innovation stems not just in the tastes of our products, but also in the outlook and appearance of our products. As we grow, our beers will become closer to the Asian cultures and our belief of every beer and every culture having its own story will lead the world of beers.

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